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    • vBET - support for machine translation and manual translation. RSS Feed

      Increase your forum traffic, number of users and incomes from advertisements!
      We support vBulletin 5.x, 4.x and 3.8.x!

      LIVE DEMO on vBulletin 5.x

      vBET is a Translation plugin for vBulletin forums, that translates your forum to 53 languages (using external translation) and allows users to write posts in different languages.
      • Use FREE and CHEAP machine translations

      You are able to use vBET with completely FREE machine translation. vBET supports integration with several machine translation and language detection APIs: Apertium (FREE), Yandex (FREE with big quota), DetectLanguage (FREE with big quota), Microsoft (FREE with low quota), IBM Watson (FREE with low quota), SDL Language Cloud, Google (FREE with low quota). vBET automatically chooses free and cheaper translation providers before more expensive. Also supports manual translation.
      • Attract more visitors

      vBET instantly makes your forum have 53 times more content, in 53 languages! That means 53 times more URLs to threads which will now be visited by users searching content in their native languages.
      • Attract more users

      Making people come is one thing that vBET does. Making people stay is another one! vBET supports multi language communities, so now you will get as users people who don't use your forum default language.
      • Improve AdSense earnings

      More traffic means more potential clicks on advertisements, means more income from your forum.
      • Improve quality and decrease costs

      Beside machine translation (from booth free and paid engines) vBET supports manual translations. Your users can easily translate manually and correct machine translation - to provide you better quality and less costs

      A fast, 5 minute installation of vBET gives you 53 times more content on your forum and opens doors for new users. Plus new incomes from whole the world.

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